「眼鏡綾波」/「インコ」のイラスト [pixiv]

Pingo // 春

i need to go to sleep cause the boyfriend is gonna be coming over !! so i’ll probably lay down and mobile blog for a tiny bit 


弥生ちゃん by 七瀬尚

back at it again with PPG fanart

hanicizkanio replied to your post: here is my swimsuit !!  Re…

Oh! My friend has that same one! It’s really cute

oh really? that’s pretty cool, it is very cute so i’m not surprised ! 

handscmebear replied to your post: here is my swimsuit !!  Re…

thats so cute, it has little pineapples on it as well, it looks rly good on u uvu

eee thank you 

it’s a little hard to get on at first because my thighs are big but after it’s on it fits nicely~

here is another one

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here is my swimsuit !! 

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sugarbaby liling with her sugarmommy valencia also known as Princess yuri and queen lesbian also known as Lily of the Valley <3 what even is it with lesbians and purple hair ; //// ; what if lilings magical girl name is sugarbaby… what if…